🔫 Manual Buy

  1. Click Manual Buy

  2. Enter the token to buy. If it's Aibot token, copy the contract address above.

  3. Select the wallet to use. Note, transfer some ETH to the wallet first time. Don't worry, it's secure. All info is encrypted. Private keys can be retrieved in Settings.

  4. Choose the amount you want to buy - for example, Buy 0.1 ETH - Click Buy 0.1 ETH - Wait a moment - Buy successful

Enjoy the convenience of fast purchasing with Aibot. Buying manually helps prevent MEV attacks without a private node. Also, Starting now, Aibot has significantly reduced trading fees across copy trading, manual buy and sniper trades by 50%.

Additionally, if you hold over 500 $AIBOT continuously, fees are further reduced:

  • 60% off for holding 500 $AIBOT for over 30 days

  • 70% off for holding 500 $AIBOT for over 60 days

  • 80% off for holding 500 $AIBOT for over 100 days

You can see more details in Settings - Fee discount event.

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2uVdiEENLE

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